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PeekABU Toques


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PeekABU Toques

Crinkly shivers beware! No adult baby wants cold ears!

ABU is here to keep you dry and warm through the chilliest of days! Introducing PeekABU Toques! Big Babs need warm, snuggly coverage from head to nappies and everything in-between! With each of the four PeekABU characters to choose from, you can collect them all and wear a different beanie every day!

Show your #ABUPride undercover! Wear your favorite PeekABU characters with this weather ready knitted hat, stay fashionable and keep your ears roasty-toasty warm!

Get 4 hats at the cost of 3 when purchasing the complete set!
*Simply select 4-pack when purchasing.

*Warning: Wearing PeekABU Knitted Caps causes tons of cuteness related attention, please wear responsibly.

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