ABU Diapers Available In The United Kingdom

You asked for better shipping rates and NappiesRus has decided to be ABU's distributer for the United Kingdom! NappiesRus is one of the UK's Largest incontinence shops, with a wide range of brands and sizes to choose from. Their aim is to make sure every customer has the best shopping experience from start to finish.

Yay for affordable shipping of ABU products in the UK! 😀

Sizes Available

  • MEDIUM fits waist/hip - Ideal fit: size 33-36" - (will fit: 32" to 44" waist)
  • LARGE fits waist/hip - ideal fit 37-44" - (will fit: 36" to 52" waist)

Brands Available

  • Super Dry Kids (SDK)
  • Cushie (All Plastic)
  • Rearz Spoiled

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